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Chiba Shihan + prośba o tłumaczenie

Witam, zamieszczam filmik z wypowiedziom Sensei Chiba o koanie jaki dał mu O'Sensei. Poniżej wklejam też zapis wypowiedzi i mam prośbę, gdyby ktoś miał czas i ochotę żeby przetłumaczył tekst. … re=related

OSensei gave me a huge question, a koan one day.
One day he called me up,
He said to me, Chiba, I give you a question. I give you work to do.
"How do you strike the center of a circle?
Thats the question. You work on that.
Days, nights, months after months I worked on it.

After about three or four years,
I was drying my body after morning session class
I was sweating, tired, exhausted already in the morning.
Leaning over the bench
Enjoying the spring breeze.
And I see everywhere, cherry blossoms, blooming.
The wind taking these petals and flowers everywhere.
Beautiful scene.

All of a sudden, with no hint
I got the answer given by OSensei.
Watching these flowers up in the air, moving, in circles,
around everywhere.
Boom, something hit me. Deeply hit me.
There I found the answer.
The question is How do you strike the center of a circle?
My answer is I am in it already.
I am it.

As long as you set up the circle outside of you, you have hard question how to strike.
I jumped everywhere, excited. Happiness.
I couldn't stop. So much joy.
I know essentially, the center of the circle was OSensei.
In a physical encounter, I couldn't touch him.
He was always center of the circle. I couldnt break the rim.
Therefore I had a terribly difficult time dealing with OSensei taking ukemi.
He didnt teach me anything. Just pulled me up in front.
You have to go.

Year after year, I struggled. I couldnt sleep.
Then I got it. One day.
All the problems disappeared.
I so enjoyed to go with OSensei and do anything I want.
No problem. I could sleep well.
Trips with him became so enjoyable and relaxing.
After that incident of finding the answer, by my own way, somehow
I had no trouble whatsoever.




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